WWE Rumors: Cody Rhodes May Face This WWE Superstar Instead of Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39

Seth Rollins is an excellent in-ring performer, but if you look at his current persona, it’s difficult to understand. The management has turned him heel and babyface according to their needs and demands. Right now, The Visionary is performing as a face superstar on the red brand. However, according to a recent report, fans can expect Seth Rollins to turn heel again to continue feuding with Cody Rhodes.

Although The American Nightmare has been laying low since his Hell In A Cell injury, there are rumors he will return soon. And with him coming back, The Visionary will be switching to his heel character. Recently, Xero News has revealed the plans WWE has for Rollins on Cody’s return.

WWE will turn Seth Rollins a heel again to prepare him for Cody Rhodes’ return

According to a Twitter post made by Xero News recently, Seth Rollins will slowly be leaning toward his heel side in the coming weeks. Sources within WWE have also provided an explanation behind this decision. It is being stated that Seth Rollins switching back to heel persona is to prepare him for the return of Cody Rhodes.

In the tweet, Xero News also asserted that The Visionary will also be dropping Cody’s name sooner than later.

Well, The American Nightmare going after Rollins on his comeback does make a lot of sense. It was Seth Rollins who attacked the injured should of Cody Rhodes before he took time off.

Anyway, Xero News also shed light on how and when both men can end up fighting each other once again.

The American Night could cost The Visionary his US Title match against Austin Theory

In the main event of this week’s RAW, Seth Rollins defeated Bobby Lashley to earn a title shot for the US Title against Austin Theory. Both men are expected to go one-on-one soon. However, someone within WWE has also talked about this scenario with Xero News.

In another Twitter Post, it has been reported that Cody Rhodes could cost Seth Rollins his match when he returns. The source further noted that Cody costing Rollins makes more sense than returning at Royal Rumble next month. All of this was said keeping The Rock in mind who is rumored enter at no. 30 and win Royal Rumble 2023. Eventually, both men could conclude their feud at WrestleMania 39.

Nevertheless, Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes have delivered three back-to-back outstanding matches this year. And if WWE is planning a fourth one, neither fans nor critics will complain. However, whether all of this will happen, is yet to be seen.

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