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WWE Clash At The Castle Results: Live Coverage – Wrestling News

WWE Conflict At The Citadel
September third, 2022
Principality Stadium
Carniff, Wales

We’re reside with our ongoing protection of WWE Conflict At The Citadel 2022. As all the time, we’ll replace this web page with outcomes instantly after each match. Refresh this web page usually for updates outcomes. 


Madcap Moss and The Road Income vs Austin Idea and The Alpha Academy 

Winners by way of pinfall: Madcap Moss and The Road Income. Montez Ford pinned Chad Gable.

Essential Card:

Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky vs Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, and Asuka 

– Bianca, Bliss, and Asuka land a triple suplex on Bayley, Sky, and Kai, Bianca then hits a springboard moonsault on Bayley, Sky, and Kai, Alexa then stands on the again of Sky’s head, Bayley then kilos away at Bliss within the ring, Kai then stomps away at Bliss within the nook, Asuka then hits a bulldog on Bayley, Iyo then hits a shotgun dropkick onto Asuka, Kai then works on the arm of Asuka, Bliss then hits a operating cannonball off the apron onto Bayley, Kai then sends Bliss into the barricade, Kai then hits a suplex on Bliss, Alexa then lands a collection of forearms to the face of Sky, Bliss then hits the code purple on Sky, Bliss then hits a hurricarana on Kai, Kai then dropkicks Bianca off the apron, Bayley then sends Bianca into the barricade, Asuka then hits a missle dropkick on Iyo, Asuka then hits a german suplex on Iyo, adopted by a sliding kick, Sky then hits a kick to the aspect of Asuka’s face, Asuka then hits a codebreaker on Bayley, Bianca then lands a collection of shoulder tackles into the abdomen of Bayley within the nook, adopted by a spinebuster and a moonsault to safe a nearfall, Bliss and Asuka then hit a superplex on Bayley from the again of Bianca, Iyo then hits a moonsault on the surface, taking out Asuka and Bliss, Bianca then hits a powerbomb on Kai, Kai then hits a scorpion kick on Bianca, Bayley then holds Bianca hair as Kai hits a operating kick to the face within the nook, Iyo then hits the moonsault on Bianca, Bayley then pins Bianca to safe the pinfall victory.

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