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WWE Clash at the Castle Predictions

WWE Clash at the Castle takes place this Saturday from Principality Stadium in Cardiff. The first major WWE PPV/PLE show to emanate from the U.K. since SummerSlam 1992, there will be more than 45,000 fans in attendance.

SEScoops correspondents Andrew Ravens, Thomas Lowson and Robert Lentini have assembled to provide our official WWE Clash at the Castle predictions.

Edge and Rey Mysterio vs. The Judgment Day

Andrew Ravens: Edge and Rey should go over here, but I think there has to be a six-person tag team match happening in the near future so Rhea Ripley and Beth Phoenix can get involved. That could impact the finish here as Ripley could get involved and cost the babyfaces the win. (Prediction: Edge and Rey Mysterio)

Thomas Lowson: The Judgment Day has been picking up wins as of late, and the decision to kick out Edge has worked out after all. After all, who really wanted to boo the man who fought through a nine-year retirement to wrestle again?  I’ve got to go with Edge and Rey, in what could be a show-stealer. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Judgment Day save face with a post-match beatdown. (Prediction: Edge and Rey Mysterio)

Robert Lentini: Edge is off to a great start in destroying the group he created after he defeated Damian Priest on RAW. WWE has teased turning Dominik heel a few times and maybe it will finally happen this Saturday. I’m going with The Judgement Day to win this one in controversial fashion. (Prediction: The Judgment Day)

Consensus: Split

Riddle vs. Seth Rollins

Andrew Ravens: This feud has been dragged out for a while now, and unless there are plans for it to continue, Riddle should get his revenge here by beating Rollins. If WWE wants to make this a long-term feud then Rollins goes over. Either way, it’s been a fun build. (Prediction: Riddle)

Thomas Lowson: A feud that’s been great, but we’ve seen plenty between the two. Their work on Raw, both in the pre-show parking lot brawl and on-air was some of their best work all year. I’m predicting Rollins, if nothing else because his record on PLEs has been pretty appalling this year. Hopefully this marks the end of this feud and the two can find other dance partners. (Prediction: Seth Rollins)

Robert Lentini: The rivalry between Rollins and Riddle has gotten very personal. Riddle claimed that Becky Lynch was “The Man” in Seth’s family and Rollins joked that Riddle doesn’t have a family anymore because his wife is divorcing him. They kicked off RAW with a brawl last week and brawled in the parking lot this past Monday. WWE has given Riddle his first name back, so maybe they want the audience to take him seriously again. A win over Seth Rollins at a premium live event would help in that regard as well. (Prediction: Riddle)

Consensus: Split

Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, and Asuka vs. Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky

Andrew Ravens: I would have the heels go over. I know WWE likes for the babyfaces to go over in feuds, but the Damage Control faction has been a great watch on television, and I hope to see much more of it. Bayley vs. Belair is coming, but to get to that spot, Bayley needs to be kept strong, and a loss for Belair and the rest of the babyfaces won’t hurt them. (Prediction: Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IO SKY)

Thomas Lowson: Two very good teams, that it’s honestly hard to call. I’m going to go with the heels. It’s their first PLE match since forming, and after losing on Raw, they need the win more. I don’t imagine it’ll be Belair taking the pin though. Keep the champion looking strong the next time she needs to defend at a Premium Live Event. (Prediction: Bayley, Dakota Kai and IYO SKY)

Robert Lentini: Bayley returned at SummerSlam alongside Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky. They made an impact on that show but really haven’t since. Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky lost the finals of the women’s tag team tournament this past Monday and Bayley defeated Aliyah in her only TV match since SummerSlam. Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Shirai should win this match if fans are supposed to consider them as a serious threat on the RAW roster. (Prediction: Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY)

Consensus: Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY

Intercontinental Champion Gunther vs. Sheamus

Andrew Ravens: Gunther shouldn’t lose here. He’s been pushed as a monster, and that needs to continue. Many fans, including myself, have been looking forward to seeing these two stars lock up and we’re finally going to get it. It should be the hardest-hitting bout on the card and perhaps the match of the night. (Prediction: Gunther)

Thomas Lowson: This is arguably going to be the most ‘physical’ match of the night, and I’m excited to see it live. While I do hope that Sheamus one day captures the Grand Slam, now isn’t the right time. Gunther’s reign is still picking up steam, and he shouldn’t be dropping the gold this year from how I see it. Give him a long run that actually gives the IC title prestige again. (Prediction: Gunther)

Robert Lentini: Gunther is awesome and thank goodness the new leadership in WWE believes in him. The Ring General will get a hero’s welcome in the UK and he will definitely retain the title. As The Celtic Warrior said on SmackDown, he’s been delivering banger after banger as of late, and WWE fans should expect another one at Clash at the Castle. (Prediction: Gunther)

Consensus: Gunther

SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan vs. Shayna Baszler

Andrew Ravens: Morgan should retain her as WWE still has the storyline with Ronda Rousey to play out. However, if WWE just wanted to swerve fans, they could put the title on Baszler. This loss won’t hurt Baszler as long as WWE continues to push her the way that they have in recent weeks, which is a great change to see. (Prediction: Liv Morgan)

Thomas Lowson: Seems pretty easy to see that Morgan is going to win this. WWE’s issue is that they’ve made her out to be lucky rather than skilled. See her cashing in on a hurting Rousey and her controversial title retention at Summerslam. WWE needs to have Morgan actually beat someone. Unfortunately, that’ll be Baszler, who should have had at least one singles title run on the main roster by now. Maybe one day, but not this weekend. (Prediction: Liv Morgan)

Robert Lentini: Everyone was excited about Liv Morgan becoming the SmackDown Women’s Champion at the Money in the Bank premium live event. She won the women’s ladder match and cashed in on the same night against Ronda Rousey. Ronda was hurting from her successful title defense against Natalya and Liv capitalized.Ronda got her rematch at SummerSlam but the referee claimed that her shoulders were down while applying the Armbar and awarded Liv Morgan the victory. Rousey attacked Liv and the referee after the match and has been suspended. She will likely play a factor in this match as well. Liv will somehow escape Clash at the Castle as the champion to set up another match against Rousey down the line. (Liv Morgan)

Consensus: Liv Morgan

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre

Andrew Ravens: This has to be the day Reigns is finally defeated. I don’t know who else is a bigger star to dethrone Reigns as champion than McIntyre. Throw in the circumstances of the event. It seems like too good of a situation to pass up and not put the title on McIntyre. Reigns has done it all, and WWE needs a more active champion. (Prediction: Drew McIntyre)

Thomas Lowson: This match screams ‘Big Fight Feel!’ We’ve just entered year three of Reigns’ run on top, but I’m going out on a leg and saying it ends this Saturday. If WWE wants Rock-Roman at WrestleMania, that doesn’t need the title. He should lose it before then. And if not to Drew, then who? Give the UK a feel good moment, and give McIntyre the title win with fans he deserves after carrying the company through the Pandemic. It’s his time! (Prediction: Drew McIntyre)

Robert Lentini: Roman Reigns will be celebrating two years as champion this Friday on SmackDown. It has been a remarkable run for The Tribal Chief. However, there appears to be some friction brewing in The Bloodline. Sami Zayn refused to bash Kevin Owens with a steel chair on RAW and it cost Jey Uso the match. Paul Heyman hasn’t been seen since being put through a table via an F5 from Brock Lesnar. McIntyre is a two-time WWE Champion, yet has never held the title in front of a crowd. Drew was integral to getting WWE through the pandemic era of TV and it would be great to see him finally get his moment this Saturday. Clash at the Castle is WWE’s first UK stadium show in over thirty years and I can’t think of a better way to send the crowd home happy than to give McIntyre the victory. Karrion Kross has sent several warnings to Drew since he returned to WWE, so it will be interesting to see if he interferes in the match. (Prediction: Drew McIntyre)

Consensus: Drew McIntyre

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