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What are the different formats of Wrestling?

It is likely one of the oldest fight sports activities on the earth.

The game of wrestling is likely one of the hottest sports activities on the earth. The origin of the game will be traced again to round 15,000 years in the past. Right this moment numerous nations on the earth have developed their variations of the game.

All types of wrestling contain quite a few sorts of grappling strategies, clinch combating, throws and takedowns, joint locks, and pins. It’s the artwork of gaining a superior place on an opponent and rendering them incapacitated by utilizing one’s physique weight as leverage. There are lots of totally different variations of wrestling relying on the tradition it was developed in. In nations all throughout the globe, a novel model of wrestling will be discovered.

On this article, we might be itemizing down among the most well-known sorts of wrestling varieties.


First on the checklist is likely one of the two wrestling varieties that function within the Olympic Video games – Freestyle. In freestyle wrestling, the purpose is to throw and pin an opponent to the mat, which after all, ends in a right away victory. One distinctive attribute of freestyle wrestling is the usage of a wrestler’s legs in each offence and defence. The game can be contested at all kinds of weight ranges together with mild flyweight, flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight, light-weight, welterweight, middleweight, mild heavyweight, heavyweight and tremendous heavyweight.

The principles are as follows –

  • An athlete is forbidden from locking in a leg scissor transfer to the top, neck or physique of their opponent. Scissor strikes on the legs or arms are, nonetheless, allowed.
  • If a wrestler is taken into account to be passive, they are going to be positioned on a 30s shot clock. If neither athlete manages to attain any factors throughout these thirty seconds, the opponent is awarded some extent. The passive athlete will even be given a warning.
  • If a wrestler receives three cautions throughout a struggle, they are going to be disqualified from the competition.


It’s a wrestling type that was launched within the first trendy Olympic Video games in 1896 and has been included in each version of the Summer season Olympics since 1904. Greco-Roman wrestling, in distinction with freestyle wrestling, doesn’t permit holds under the waist, or the usage of the legs in offence and defence. This ruleset permits emphasis as a substitute on throws, as a result of it prohibits journey takedowns, along with hooking or grabbing the leg. Many imagine that Greco-Roman Wrestling is the oldest sport on the planet, with historic cave drawings suggesting that competitions might have been held method again in 3000 BC. 

The principles are as follows-

  • Holds under the waist space are forbidden. This contains grabbing the opponent’s knees, thighs or legs.
  • Leg journeys, kicks and knee strikes are additionally forbidden.
  • Every struggle spherical is separated into three segments: one 60s section for impartial place fight (on their toes), and two 30s sequences for floor fight (on the mat).
  • The wrestler who scores essentially the most factors within the 60s impartial place section might be granted the on-top benefit for the bottom fight interval. If the wrestler on high can’t rating any factors, his opponent on the underside is awarded some extent for good defence. The wrestlers then swap positions to permit each athletes an opportunity to earn factors on high.
  • If neither wrestler scores any factors in the course of the first impartial place section, the officers flip a coin to find out who begins the bottom fight sequence on high.
  • The intention is to gather as many factors as attainable throughout each section, as this provides the wrestler the absolute best probability of claiming a victory on factors if a fall can’t be attained.

Belt Wrestling Alysh

The phrase “Alysh” that means “combating to find out the strongest” finds its roots in historic Turkish and was chosen by the Worldwide Federation of Wrestling on Belts to embody the bringing collectively of all belt wrestling kinds all through the world.

The belt wrestling matches happen over 5 minutes for males and 4 minutes for girls. The opponents put on white trousers and both a blue or a inexperienced jacket held tight by a crimson belt. Whereas holding one another’s belts, they attempt to throw their opponent to the mat. The technical factors are awarded in keeping with the form of the throws: One level if the opponent lands on a knee or buttocks, two factors if the opponent lends sideways or on a hip, and 6 factors if the opponent lends on the again. The primary competitor who scores six factors wins the match. The principles adopted are easy so that each one nationwide belt wrestling kinds can categorical themselves inside a generic type of the sort.

The technical factors are awarded in keeping with the amplitude of the throws: one level if the opponent lands on a knee or his or her buttocks, 2 factors if the opponent lands sideways or on a hip, and 6 factors if the opponent lands on his or her again. The primary competitor who scores 6 factors wins the match.


The phrase Pankration comes from the Greek phrases “Pan” and “Kratos” that means “the one who controls the whole lot”. It’s a world heritage martial artwork with the distinctive distinction of being the one martial sport in existence that may hint its roots to the traditional Olympic Video games from 648 BC to 393 AD. Right this moment, pankration is developed by United World Wrestling as a gentle type of Combined Martial Arts (MMA). It forbids hitting the top. Pankration is practised each by women and men, in keeping with the identical guidelines.

Along with particular person competitors, pankration contains two types of choreographic workforce occasions that may be showcased with or with out weapons. “Palaismata” takes place between two athletes and goals at assessing their degree of data. Whereas “Polydamas” takes place between one defendant and three attackers to simulate a harmful scenario to be overcome by the athlete. A pankration is an environment friendly type of self-defence that can be utilized for police and safety coaching.

The principles are as follows-

  • Pankration competitions shall be held inside a hoop or cage or on mats of ample dimension. Competitions not held in a hoop or cage will need to have a security mat surrounding the competitors space of no less than 2 meters on all sides.  
  • The enclosure’s parts, together with all facet protections and ropes, should be inspected for suitability and security earlier than the primary match. 
  •  If a hoop is used, all sides of the squared boxing ring (the size of the rope on one facet) must be a minimal of 4.5 meters and a most of 6.00 meters. It shall encompass no less than 5 ropes for a pankration match.  
  • The minimal diameter of every of the 5 ropes shall be 2.5cm (1”).  
  • The bottom rope should be positioned 20cm (8”) above the platform, whereas the highest rope should be positioned not more than 1.30m above the platform.  
  • All ropes should be lined with smooth tightly fitted supplies.  
  • The 4 corners should be fabricated from metallic. The diagonal distance between reverse corners should not exceed 10.6 meters (exterior measurement). 
  • The peak of the corners should not be greater than 1.30 meters (52”) above the platform of the ring. 
  • All corners and protrusions in a hoop or cage should be adequately lined to keep away from attainable accidents. 


The origin of “ Pahlavani wrestling “ goes again to historic Persia. It was stated to have been practised by mythological Iranian heroes in battles. Pahlavani wrestling was initially used to coach warriors. It combines martial arts and wrestling technics, callisthenics, power coaching and epic music. It’s acknowledged by UNESCO as among the many world’s oldest types of sport.

The one that ever was nicely educated and defeat others would name Pahlavan or hero. The Pahlvani heroes are standard amongst folks.
This type of wrestling confronts two opponents attempting to take management of one another by throwing him again on his shoulder.
In Pahlavani wrestling, wrestlers put on a pant which extends from the waist to under their knees that accommodates a belt to carry the pants.
On this type, a wrestler is allowed to make use of or seize pants or a belt as a grip. Additionally, the wrestler can use legs, waist, clinch, leg journeys and extra probably carry and throw.

In contrast to mat-based wrestling, there isn’t any level scoring system; a win is achieved by pinning the opponent’s shoulders and hips to the bottom concurrently. Though a victory by knockout, stoppage or submission can be attainable. In some variations of the foundations, solely pinning the shoulders down is sufficient. Bouts are overseen by a referee contained in the ring and a panel of two judges watching from the skin.

Seaside Wrestling

Seaside wrestling competitions are performed on seaside sand. It’s a standing-up place type of wrestling, the place no strikes occur whereas on the bottom. The game is practised by each women and men in lots of nations all over the world.

The principles of seaside wrestling are fairly easy. The primary wrestler to 3 factors wins. The matches happen on the seaside in a seven-meter diameter circle and one level is awarded for a takedown or a pushout. If there’s a feet-to-back takedown, then two factors are awarded. Matches are one three-minute interval with no extra time. There is no such thing as a wrestling on high or backside both. As soon as a takedown has occurred, the wrestlers are stood again up.

If the rating is tied after three minutes, the winner relies on standards. The primary set of standards checked out is the very best worth motion. So if the rating is tied at two, and one man had two one-point takedowns and the opposite man had a feet-to-back takedown price two factors, the second wins the match. If this set of standards doesn’t apply to the match, the final individual to attain would win. 

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