Updated Ticket Sale Numbers For Upcoming WWE Events, Including Tonight’s Smackdown

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has up to date ticket sale numbers for upcoming WWE occasions, together with tonight’s Smackdown in Inexperienced Bay. That present presently has 5,529 tickets out.

A dwell occasion tomorrow evening in Roanoke, VA has 2,701 tickets out.

A dwell occasion on Sunday in Corbin, KY has 2,416 tickets out.

RAW on Monday in Cincinnati has 6,573 tickets out.

Smackdown in Detroit on January 20 has 9,997 tickets out.

A dwell occasion in Erie, PA on January 21 has 2,125 tickets out.

A dwell occasion in Binghamton, NY on January 22 has 2,277 tickets out.

The thirtieth anniversary of RAW in Philadelphia on January 23 has 13,243 tickets out.

Smackdown in Laredo on January 27 has 3,749 tickets out.

Royal Rumble in San Antonio on January 28 has 34,963 tickets out.

RAW in Tulsa on January 30 has 4,780 tickets out.

Smackdown in Greenville on February 3 has 4,566 tickets out.

NXT Vengeance Day in Charlotte on February 4 has 3,179 tickets out. A dwell occasion in Columbus, GA on that very same day has 2,172 tickets out.

A dwell occasion in Pensacola, FL on February 5 has 1,951 tickets out.

RAW in Orlando on February 6 has 6,463 tickets out.

Smackdown in Uncasville on February 10 has 3,962 tickets out.

RAW in Brooklyn on February 13 has 6,389 tickets out.

Smackdown in Montreal on February 17 has 12,394 tickets out.

Elimination Chamber in Montreal on February 18 has 12,998 tickets out.

RAW in Ottawa on February 20 has 5,574 tickets out.

Smackdown in Evansville on February 24 has 4,208 tickets out.

A dwell occasion in Rockford, IL on February 26 has 2,102 tickets out.

RAW in Grand Rapids on February 27 has 4,356 tickets out.

Smackdown in Washington, DC on March 3 has 3,284 tickets out.

A dwell occasion in Syracuse, NY on March 4 has 1,721 tickets out.

A dwell occasion in Trenton, NJ on March 5 has 3,341 tickets out.

RAW in Boston on March 6 has 3,928 tickets out.

Smackdown in Pittsburgh on March 10 has 3,827 tickets out.

A dwell occasion in Youngstown, OH on March 11 has 2,410 tickets out.

A dwell occasion in Madison Sq. Backyard in New York on March 12 has 4,793 tickets out.

Night time one in all Wrestlemania 39 in Inglewood has 49,513 tickets out.

Night time two of Wrestlemania 39 in Inglewood ha 50,052 tickets out.

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