Updated Ticket Sale Numbers For Upcoming WWE Events, Including Clash at the Castle

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has up to date ticket sale numbers for upcoming WWE occasions, together with Conflict on the Fort subsequent month. The present occurs at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales on September 3. There are presently 60,852 tickets out with 11,000 remaining.

Tonight’s Smackdown in Greenville, SC has 5,470 tickets out.

A reside occasion tomorrow evening in North Chareston, SC has 2,708 tickets out.

A reside occasion on Sunday in Fayetteville has 5,470 tickets out.

Monday’s RAW in Cleveland has 4,546 tickets out.

Smackdown in Raleigh on August 12 has 4,610 tickets out.

A reside occasion in Salisbury, MD on August 13 has 2,418 tickets out.

A reside occasion in Atlantic Metropolis on August 14 has 2,603 tickets out.

RAW in Washington, DC on August 15 has 5,810 tickets out.

Smackdown in Montreal on August 19 has 7,897 tickets out.

A reside occasion in Ottawa on August 20 has 4,186 tickets out. One other reside occasion that very same day in Kingston, Ontario has 1,877 tickets out.

A reside occasion in Quebec Metropolis on August 21 has 4,789 tickets out.

RAW in Toronto on August 22 has 10,162 tickets out.

Smackdown in Detroit on August 26 has 5,784 tickets out.

A reside occasion in Manchester, NH on August 28 has 1,620 tickets out.

RAW in Pittsburgh on August 29 has 4,515 tickets out.

Smackdown in Seattle on September 9 has 6,733 tickets out.

RAW in Portland on September 12 has 5,237 tickets out.

Smackdown in Anaheim on September 16 has 3,758 tickets out.

RAW in San Jose on September 19 has 3,011 tickets out.

Smackdown in Salt Lake Metropolis on September 23 has 4,116 tickets out.

RAW in Edmonton on September 26 has 8,951 tickets out.

Smackdown in Winnipeg on September 30 has 6,972 tickets out.

RAW in St. Paul on October 3 has 2,449 tickets out.

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