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Teixeira vs. Prochazka play-by-play, live results

Spherical 1 – Oh boy. This may very well be bizarre. This may very well be wild. This may very well be violent. It may very well be the entire above. Right here we go. Teixeira lands a head kick off the bat. Prochazka fires again with a leg kick. Teixeira goes excessive once more. This time, it’s blocked. Teixeira goes body-head with a mix. Prochazka comes jabbing in awkwardly. Teixeira grabs maintain of Prochazka’s leg and takes him down. There’s a little underneath 4 minutes left within the spherical. This isn’t the place Prochazka needs to be. Prochazka has a closed guard. Teixeira elbows him within the face twice. Prochazka tries to wall-walk up however Teixeira shifts to his again. Teixeira doesn’t have any hooks in, however he’s leaning on Prochazka. He pulls Prochazka again to the canvas. Teixeira is in half guard. Prochazka places his ft up on the cage. Teixeira is in a north-south place. Prochazka pushes off the cage and escapes up. Prochazka tries a leaping knee. It’s a mile away. Prochazka rips a physique kick. Teixeira lands a mix that stuns Prochazka. He grabs maintain of Prochazka’s leg and tosses him. Prochazka barrel rolls towards the cage. That was dumb. Teixeira hopped proper on him – proper into mount. Teixeira kilos after which seeks a submission. Prochazka sneaks out the again door as Teixeira tries for a kimura. With the clock winding down, Prochazka begins pummeling away and lands some massive photographs on Teixeira because the buzzer sounds. Jeez. Prochazka almost stole it, however 10-9 Teixeira.

Spherical 2 – A watch poke is known as within the opening alternate. Prochazka, the sufferer of the attention poke, instantly tells referee Marc Goddard he’s OK. Prochazka whips an Anderson Silva-esque excessive kick up high. It grazed Teixeira, however didn’t land flush. He’s fortunate. Prochazka goes on the aggressive with some wild putting. Teixeira is harm. He dives for a sloppy takedown. It almost pays off, although. Prochazka tried for a choke and Teixeira landed on high of him. However Prochazka squirmed away. Again at distance, Teixeira seeks a takedown. A number of makes an attempt are denied. Each guys are exhausted. Prochazka lands a collection of about eight to 10 punches on Teixeira, who’s sporting them. Prochazka hops up and falls to the canvas. Teixeira capitalizes on his opponent’s mistake and lands on high. He’s in Prochazka’s half guard. Teixeira possible received’t win this spherical, however he’s having time to relaxation and get better. Teixeira strikes to mount and pours down some HUGE elbows on Prochazka, who’s cut up large open. A nasty gash is above his left eye. The spherical ends. That is insanity. 19-19.

Spherical 3 – Prochazka has his reduce examined. He’s good, in line with the physician. Prochazka jabs. They each commerce leg kicks. Prochazka defends a Teixeira takedown and lands some massive punches. Teixeira shoots once more and tries to tug guard. Prochazka tells him to face up. Teixeira slowly will get up. Prochazka lands a nasty mixture. Teixeira catches a leg and vegetation him to the canvas. Prochazka works his manner up. Again at distance, Prochazka cranks Teixeira’s physique. Teixeira ties him up towards the fence. Prochazka reverses and pummels Teixeira’s physique. He’s harm. A knee to the midsection causes Teixeira to shoot. No cube. Prochazka muscular tissues him over and will get on high. Now Teixeira is leaking. Prochazka makes an attempt an arm-triangle choke. That’s Teixeira’s world, although. Teixeira bucks him off and finally ends up on high in mount. Teixeira lands some floor and pound and finishes the spherical on high. 29-28 Prochazka.

Spherical 4 – Teixeira comes out considerably rejuvenated. He lands boxing mixture earlier than Prochazka blocks a excessive kick try. Prochazka batters Teixeira with brutal mixture. Teixeira shoots for a takedown and will get a double-leg with almost 4 minutes left within the spherical. Teixeira is in facet management. Prochazka is smiling, however his arm is caught underneath Teixeira. Not a complete lot occurring right here but. Teixeira mounts Prochazka and lands some massive ground-and-pound. Teixeira threatens an arm-triangle choke. Blood is streaming out of Prochazka’s face. Teixeira lets go of the grip. There’s two minutes left within the spherical. Teixeira softens up Prochazka and strikes to an arm-triangle choke try. That is tight. Prochazka offers a thumbs up. Seconds later, he bucks his legs and escapes. Prochazka is now on high of Teixeira. All that work the cutmen did in between rounds? Yeah, they’re going to wish to do it once more. Oh! Teixeira grabs Prochazka and takes his again. Now Prochazka reverses him. This combat is significantly ridiculous in each manner. The spherical ends with Prochazka on high. 38-38.

Spherical 5 – The 2 fighters pump up the gang and embrace. Teixeira stuns Prochazka badly! Prochazka is overlaying up towards the fence. Teixeira unloads – however he tries to leap for a guillotine choke and slips off. Oh no, Teixeira! That was not sensible. Prochazka on high in Teixeira’s guard. Sensing that is Teixeira’s residence, Prochazka stands up. Teixeira lands one other brutal mixture and ties Prochazka up towards the fence. They separate and Teixeira lands two vicious punches. Prochazka is surprised however upright. Teixeira shoots and will get Prochazka down once more. Teixeira has him mounted and he’s unloading. The gasoline tanks are on empty for each males. Prochazka has his ft on the fence once more. It’s a must to suppose he’s going to attempt to explode. Yep. There it’s. He does so efficiently. Now, he’s on Teixeira’s again. Teixeira threatens a leg submission, however Prochazka passes to facet management. He tries for the crucifix however Teixeira wiggles out. Prochazka on the again of Teixeria. He tries to sneak in a rear-naked choke, however there are not any hooks in. He’s on the facet of Teixeira. OH! And Teixeira faucets. Wow. That’s nuts. The faucet was exhausting to see, however each fighters and the referee knew what occurred. That was an all-time battle.

End result: Jiri Prochazka def. Glover Teixeira by way of submission (rear-naked choke) – Spherical 5, 4:32
Recap: Jiri Prochazka submits Glover Teixeira late in fifth of thrilling title-fight war
Photographs: Jiri Prochazka def. Glover Teixeira
Data: Glover Teixeira (33-8 MMA, 16-6 UFC) vs. Jiri Prochazka (29-3-1 MMA, 3-0 UFC)
Division: Mild heavyweight
Broadcast: Pay-per-view
Referee: Marc Goddard

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