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Stephanie McMahon reacts to whether WWE is being sold or not

WWE Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon recently talked about whether WWE will be sold or not, now that Vince McMahon is retired.

For the last year or so, there have been reports that suggest Vince McMahon might be selling WWE. The rumors got more strong when the company started to release big stars following the budget cuts. Even after making huge profits, several in-ring and backstage employees have been let go in the last year. Now that Vince McMahon is retired and his daughter Stephanie has been appointed as the Co-CEO, the topic was brought up once again.

Recently, during the company’s recent earnings call for this year’s second quarter, the new regime spoke on various topics regarding the future of the company.

What does Stephanie McMahon say about WWE being sold?

According to Wrestling Observer, the new co-CEO of WWE was asked whether the company will be sold considering his father is now retired. Stephanie noted that Mr.McMahon still owns WWE when it comes to the stocks. However, the new regime is always looking for what’s best for the business. 

Although she did not confirm the rumors, she didn’t even deny them totally. It appears, that even if the company is not up for sale, the management is open to a talk at least.

Besides, looking at the Q2 earnings, it is very difficult to get a concrete report as the management would like to keep things behind closed doors. Despite all the scandals and regime shifts, WWE hasn’t shown any decline in its revenue. In fact, while Mr. McMahon was going through an investigation, the company outperformed itself and earned more money in the Q2 of this year. Even the Wrestlemania ticket sales have hit their all-time high.

WWE sells record tickets for its next Showcase of Immortals

Not just that, since Stephanie and Triple H have taken over, the company is reaching new heights. Rightly so, because WWE has created a record when it comes to the ticket bookings for next Wrestlemania. 

According to Triple H, the company has sold more than 90,000 tickets within 24 hours for Wrestlemania 39. It is the most tickets sold for any PPV in WWE history. The next Wrestlemania will be held from the SoFi Stadium (Inglewood) on the 1st and 2nd of April, 2023.

Anyway, with the megaevent still more than seven months far, WWE could possibly break its all-time Wrestlemania attendance record. And if the company is up for sale, Vince McMahon will definitely earn a big amount. But, as of now, it’s neither confirmed nor denied whether WWE will be sold or not.

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