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Potential future plan for Roman Reigns if he loses the WWE Universal title to Drew McIntyre

Roman Reigns will collide with Drew McIntyre to defend the WWE Universal Championship at Clash at the Castle on September 3rd in Cardiff, Wales.

According to reports by WrestleVotes, the Tribal Chief could possibly lose the title to the Scottish Warrior. However, it is believed that Reigns will likely regain the championship before WrestleMania.

The Tribal Chief is amidst one of the greatest championship runs in WWE. He has held the Universal Championship for almost two years and even won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 38, unifying the titles. He faces a major challenge in the form of Drew McIntyre as the Scot is riding high on momentum.

As per Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the current plan for Roman Reigns is to face The Rock at WrestleMania 39. However, WWE did not want him to lose before the big match. But if they possibly pull the trigger on McIntyre, it seems likely that Reigns will regain the Championship before WrestleMania.

”But they’ve kept the title on him for so long most figured it was because they didn’t want to beat him prior to the match. The reality is that McIntyre could win, and lose it back before Mania and they could still do Reigns vs. Rock, and/or the Money in the Bank winner,” stated Meltzer.

Possible reason why Drew McIntyre might beat Roman Reigns and end his streak

There have been reports saying that Monday Night RAW wants a full-time champion and isn’t happy with Reigns’ part-time schedule as the top champion.

Therefore, having a full-time performer like Drew McIntyre wins the WWE Championship will benefit the company as he will be a regular feature on all shows.

”The advantage of McIntyre is obvious. They would have a champion who would appear on television once or twice a week, on every PPV show and on the house show circuit. With a new regime that may want to rebuild house shows and maximize television numbers, a champion in play full-time would help,” said Meltzer.

He also stated that Roman Reigns is believed to be the biggest star in the company, and Triple H will likely want Reigns to regain the title soon.

What are your thoughts on this? Will Roman Reigns lose the Undisputed WWE Universal title at Clash At the Castle?

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