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Liv Morgan Not 100% Heading Into WWE Clash At The Castle?

Liv Morgan is having a dream run in the WWE with the recent spree of wins including those for the Smackdown Women’s Title. She won the women’s Money In The Bank ladder match and became the SmackDown Women’s Champion after cashing the title match contract on Ronda Rousey.

To the disbelief of the WWE Universe, Liv Morgan then also proceeded to retain her Smackdown Women’s Title over Ronda Rousey at Summerslam 2022. The win was controversial as the referee counted the pinfall in her favor when she was actually tapping out to Ronda’s Armbar Submission. But she was declared the winner, after all.

WWE Hall Of Famer ‘Loved Seeing’ Liv Morgan’s Successful MITB Cash-In

Liv Morgan Not 100% Heading Into WWE Clash At The Castle? 1

An irate Ronda then pounced on her and the WWE Official with an attack to injure both and got suspended from TV. In the meantime, Liv Morgan is coping up with her WWE schedule since then with a bad arm due to the beatdown sustained at the hands of Ronda. The injury was reaggravated due to Ronda’s buddy Shayna Baszler stomping on it during the August 12 episode of Smackdown.

WWE Summerslam 2022: Liv Morgan Comments On Historic Win Over Ronda Rousey

Liv Morgan’s injury from Summerslam isn’t real

It’s been reported by reliable sources that the champion’s arm injury is a work. However, keeping the kayfabe nature of WWE programming intact on social media, Liv Morgan claimed that her arm is not 100% recovered from the earlier beatdown,

“My arm may not be 100% yet, but I’ll still be ready for ShAayNa at Clash at the Castle.”

This is how a top babyface figure should behave on WWE programming and Liv’s claiming doesn’t come as a shocker. During the post-Summerslam interview segment on Smackdown, Liv Morgan was booed by sections of the WWE audience as they were chanting for Ronda Rousey. Kayla Braxton, the interviewer in the segment, also expressed her annoyance at those fan reactions despite Liv Morgan being in an arm brace.

Liv Morgan Not 100% Heading Into WWE Clash At The Castle? 2

According to Fightful Select, WWE’s prop department actually brought that arm brace for the SmackDown Women’s Champion to wear on that Friday’s show. Later, she also used the brace in multiple live event outings and competed despite being hurt. The source confirmed that the injury is a ‘work’ as WWE continues to drag the angle on TV. Only time will tell whether the injury will cost the reigning champion her title in the near future.

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