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Hi there, everybody and welcome to our stay Impression Wrestling protection on 411! I’m Jeremy Thomas, stepping on this week as Ethan has needed to step away for work causes. We’ll have a brand new common protection individual subsequent week, however within the meantime I’m again on the Impression beat for tonight! Tonight now we have the Motor Metropolis Machine Weapons, recent off their win over the Good Brothers final week, taking over Aussie Open with a World Tag Crew Championship match on the road at Sure For Glory. As well as Brian Myers and Bhupinder Gujjar will battle (once more) for the Digital Media Title and Sami Callihan, Moose and Steve Maclin may have their contract signing for Barbed Wire Bloodbath and far more. It’s a busy night time forward of Victory Street tomorrow, and we’re gonna have lots to cowl tonight so let’s hop proper in.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters remains to be energetic and if you may make a donation, that might be superior. Thanks a lot to everybody who’s accomplished so up to now.

* We begin off with a recap of final week’s Impression.

Bhupinder and Myers stare off a bit earlier than Myers assaults, however Bhupinder takes over with punches adopted by an elbow. Bodyslam by Bhupinder and a leaping kneedrop. Irish whip, spin kick by Bhupinder and a short-arm knee strike. Myers on Bhupinder’s shoulders for a Samoan drop and the challenger is fired up! Upon the second rope, he leaps for a spear however will get hit with a knee by Myers, who rolls exterior and will get a ladder to convey into the ring. However Bhupinder with a dropkick to the ladder into Myers by way of the ropes, and now Gujjar brings it into the ring earlier than Myers hits a again suplex on the apron.

Myers into the ring and units up the ladder. He begins the climb and will get partway up earlier than Gujjar nails him within the again and pulls him INTO A CUTTER! Gujjar as much as the second rope, GARGOYLE SPEAR into the ladder! Myers is on the surface and Gujjar climbs, however Myers is ready to get in and he pushes the ladder over, sending Gujjar into the highest rope.

Myers folds up the ladder and tosses it into Gujjar, then units it within the nook. He grabs Gujjar by the hair and decks him within the reduce, then whips him onerous into the ladder. Gujjar down and the ladder falls on him. Gujjar is bleeding from the nostril fairly closely now and Myers lies in wait as the group chants “MYERS SUCKS!” Myers fees in for an enormous lariat. Myers units up one other ladder, Gujjar grabs the primary and goes to set it up. Myers goes within the assault however will get kicked down, now we have two ladders up now. They begin climbing on reverse sides and commerce punches on the highest. Myers’ head goes into the ladder, Myers with a punch however he falls off the ladder! He’s climbing up although and stops Gujjar from getting the title — again suplex off the ladder!

Each males down now, they roll out to the surface. Myers grabs one other ladder and units it on the ringsteps, grabbing Gujjar however Gujjar fights again! Large proper, adopted by an tried DVD on the ladder however Myers slips out and rakes the face — POWER BOMB ONTO THE LADDER! Myers crawls on the ground towards the ring, Gujjar is doing the identical. Myers will get into the ring and goes to climb up — he makes his means up the ladder however Gujjar is climbing into the ring.

Myers nearly has the title however Gujjar pulls him down, sends him into the ladder and superkicks him! Myers is out of the ring and Gujjar is climbing up. However Myers again in with a low blow! He additionally has tape and has taped Gujjar to the ladder to maintain him from climbing up. Myers climbs up however will get hgrabbed, he nails Gujjar and pulls the ladder down.

Winner: Brian Myers (12:11)
Ranking: ***
Ideas: Stable match, even when it might have been higher. Each guys labored onerous and it didn’t have essentially the most memorable spots, nevertheless it did its job.

* Heath apologizes to Wealthy Swann and Josh Alexander for final week and says they should get on the identical web page. Alexander says they’ve to point out Honor No Extra what they’re coping with and Heath says that he has an open problem for a Road Combat tonight. Swann says he and Josh have Heath’s again, and Heath says he appreciates that however he’s going to do it himself.

* Hannifan and Rewholdt run down the Victory Street card. We’ll have stay protection tomorrow, by the way in which from Andrew Cazer, returning for an evening to cowl the Impression! Plus particular!

* We get a recap of Steve Maclin attacking Sami Callihan final Saturday at Wrestling Revolver’s present which become a pull-apart brawl.

Cube tries to assault with a kick however Grace catches it and beats Cube round. BIG German suplex, adopted by the shirt being ripped off of Zicky’s physique. She grabs Cube for the Grace Driver and will get the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace (0:43)
Ranking: N/A
Ideas: RIP Zicky Cube.

* We then get a fairly nice vignette selling Grace’s match towards Max the Impaler at Victory Street.

Bell rings and everybody faces off till it turns with a brawl with Yim simply watching. Taurus and Child get knocked on the apron, Trey and Zayne assist Yim take them out after which take Yim out! Zayne and Trey now commerce fast maneuvers, Zayne into the ropes and runs Trey over4 however he kips again up. Counter flips and wrestling, they stare off however Yim to the highest rope for a double dropkick!

Yim within the ring with Taurus now, Yim fires off with photographs however will get headbutted RIGHT to the mat. Yim out of the ring, Child in with a top-rope rana. Child into the ropes for a spinning armdrag, he fees into the nook however Taurus strikes and lays within the strikes. Taurus with a leaping knee strike however Child geese, sending Taurus to the ground, and dives onto him. Zayne and Trey are within the ring, they star at one another and DIVE onto Taurus and Child! And now Yim up high and he or she leaps onto all 4 guys! Three guys within the ring now, Yim is climbing in however will get pulled face first into the apron by Taurus as we go to interrupt.

We’re again with Zayne and Child double teaming Trey, however Trey dodges an avalanch and kicks Child, then armdrags him and hits a droptoe that forces Child to headbot Zayne down low. Double Downward Spiral, Trye covers Zayne for 2 after which Laredo Child for 2. Attempt dropkicks Taurus off the apron after which does the identical with Tim, places Child on the highest rope and hits an enzuigiri. Taurus in however he heads a kick from each Child and Trey — Zayne off Taurus’ again with a double rana! Baja Blast to Taurus, cowl for 3. Yim fees it however eats a superkick.

Child and Trey take out Zayne, Child takes out Trey after which will get planted with a Crucifix Bomb. Chaoes within the ring, Mia Yim with a powerbomb on Zayne! She picks him up, double underhook — PILEDRIVER! She covers however Child and Trey with a double superkick to interrupt it up. They start buying and selling strikes with one another, Child throws Trey into Taurus for a torture rack backbreaker. Child sends Taurus to the surface, knocks down Zayne and goes for the corkscrew moonsault however Zayne strikes!

Zayne is now up high, he goes for the Cinnamon Twist however Child will get the knees up! Taurus in, Vacation spot Hellhole to Zayne for the pin.

Winner: Black Taurus (11:58)
Ranking: *** 1/4
Ideas: That is the type of match Impression excels at and everybody killed it right here. Nice effort by all concerned.

* Eric Younger walks as much as the brand new VbD recruits and says they’re a part of the revival. They are going to be seeds that unfold, as a result of they’re all over the place and everybody. He has them present him and so they salute. He asks who they’re and so they say “I Am Violence!” He and Deaner proceed to beat the recruits up and so they don’t combat it. Unsure the place that is going however VbD, whereas nice skills, have by no means accomplished it for me as a steady. This isn’t convincing me (but).

* We get a vignette with a pair arguing in melodramatic trend concerning the father of their little one. Then Joe Hendry music performs and it turns right into a music video about Hendry and I find it irresistible.

* Heath is within the ring for his open problem. He tells Dallas to make some noise after which says Impression’s given him a road combat with any member of Honor No Extra and he’s able to get the rattling get together began. He calls out the group to convey out any certainly one of them — and it’s PCO!

Oh wait, it isn’t. Honor No Extra comes out and stops him, and Eddie Edwards says the match isn’t occurring. Heath tells PCO that Eddie is speaking nonsense, however Heath says to hearken to the individuals in Dallas. Heath says he’d slightly die as a insurgent than stay as a coward. Eddie says PCO’s ideas and choices don’t belong to him; they belong to Honor No Extra and him.

Heath says PCO is meant to be human, however proper now he appears like Eddie’s little lapdog. PCO is coming all the way down to the ring, so now we have a match.

Heath leaps on PCO to start out! Vincent will get concerned and will get shoved, however PCO runs Heath over. PCO lays into Heath with kicks and a neckbreaker on the ramp, then a legdrop and one other. PCO picks Heath up and decks him, following him up the ramp, however Heath fires again and hits a backdrop on PCO onto the ramp.

Heath throws PCO into the guardrail and batters him down the aspect of the ramp. A chair will get thrown into PCO’s face, however PCO battles again as they transfer towards the group. Heath throws a drink in PCO’s face, however PCO battles again and nails him with a rubbish can. Heath goes into the rolling storage door headfirst, and PCO grabs a curler of folding chairs, throwing them off into the stands. That doesn’t look good for Heath, who has climbed up onto the stage.

PCO follows Heath up however Heath with a DDT onto the stage. Heath grabs PCO and THROWS him OFF THE STAGE into the chair pile! Heath walks his means down the stage and PCO hasn’t moved — however right here comes Honor No Extra! Heath is within the ring as he will get surrounded, with Edwards directing visitors — and Alexander come all the way down to even the percentages! Josh beats on Eddie and Swann chases individuals off with a chair, Alexander with an anklelock however he will get pulled to security.

Within the ring, Heath assaults Heath however will get nailed with the Wake Up Name. Heath talks with Alexander and Swann, and PCO is now lastly getting up sporting chairs! He walks to the ring and tosses chairs within the ring for Heath to dodge, including extra from the timekeeper’s space. PCO enters the ring, and it’s a brawl! Each males buying and selling blows, PCO pushes Heath into the nook, Heath out right into a chokeslam!

PCO piles the chairs within the middle of the ring and places his black glove on. Heath up — Mandible Claw into the chairs! PCO goes up high, he leaps — HEATH MOVES! PCO into the chairs, Wake Up Name by Heath! That’s it.

Winner: Heath (9:12)
Ranking: ** 3/4
Ideas: This was an overbooked automobile crash, however that was all the time the purpose. It was typically entertaining and performed into the storylines and I’m okay with that.

Helley begins off towards Fletcher and so they lock up. Somewhat little bit of counterwrestling to star off, Fletcher sends Shelley into the nook and goes for a shot however Shelley fires again. They go into the ropes and Fletcher runs Shelley over. Suplex try however Shelley counters and chops Fletcher down, he hyperextends the elbow and Sabin does the identical within the ropes. Sabin tags in, double splash for 2.

Flecher sends Sabin into the hostile nook however he somersaults out, and Fletcher tags in Davis who throws Sabin. They stare off, lockup, Sabin backed into the nook. he geese a shot and hits a chop, leaps off with a sprinboard crossbody however will get caught. Sabin escapes and hits a rana on Davis! Davis nonetheless comes again with an enormous chop after which an Irish whip, however Shelly tags off the ropes and so they take Davis out. Fletcher in and will get dropkicked out of the ring. The Weapons to to the apron and double superkick him, Davis fees however the ropes are down and he goes to the surface! The Weapons take Aussie Open out with dives from the apron.

Davis rolled again in, Shelley goes up high, he leaps however Davis strikes. Davis with a forearm within the nook, Sabin is available in however Fletcher eaves the percentages. They run the ring however Aussie Open catch the Weapons and smash them into one another as we go to interrupt.

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