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John Cena Reportedly ‘Always On Call’ For A WWE Return

John Cena has always been a major attraction on television for professional wrestling fans. Being the franchise player of the WWE for almost 15 years increased his popularity to the sky limit that today’s superstars can barely imagine. Plus, his Hollywood transition has only added to his stardom over the past several years.

John Cena has not been seen in the WWE since last summer. He did mention a comeback whenever it’s possible, no such timeframe was provided from his side give about the anticipated return. He is still under contract with the company despite missing two back-to-back Wrestlemania editions.

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John Cena Reportedly ‘Always On Call’ For A WWE Return 1

A report has been floated on the internet suggesting that John Cena is being discussed for a return in time for Wrestlemania 39. There’s no strong evidence about the same as WWE hasn’t dropped any sort of clues that might be in-store.

Ringside News also wanted to get some news about this possible return by the 2022 Summer and they were told that “Cena is always on call.” However, it was noted that the news of him being “discussed for a June return” is misleading.

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Since “Cena is always on call” more follow-ups regarding the situation were raised to the source. The currently reported situation is that “Cena is available to WWE, under contract to WWE for several more years.” It was insisted that Vince McMahon’s company can book him on short notice.

An extreme example was given where it was mentioned that WWE will be able to call John Cena at the very last minute within the scope of their contract. If there would have been any sort of change needed for Wrestlemania 38 main event, he could have been used as a backup,

“If Brock or Roman got hurt or got COVID the week of Mania, they could plug in Cena into the main event on very short notice. Cena is always available in case of emergency to WWE.”

John Cena Reportedly ‘Always On Call’ For A WWE Return 2

It should be noted that John Cena is extremely busy with his Hollywood schedule and the insurance policies around the stars could be a barrier while booking him in physical capacities. However, it’s almost certain that it won’t stop the 16-time world champion from getting involved in some more big matches in his career.



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