“He better [be] back to WWE Royal Rumble 2023”

The wrestling world is apparently in conflict with a former world champion’s destination promotion, with AEW and WWE being the two primary options.

The superstar in question, CM Punk.

The Straight Edge Superstar has been in troubled waters ever since his infamous tirade at the All Out pay-per-view media scrum in September. His ensuing brawl backstage with the Elite also resulted in a number of suspensions, including Punk. Furthermore, he suffered an injury that effectively put him out of action for a significant period of time.

Given the shaky situation, it is yet to be determined whether Punk will return to AEW in the future. Rumors of his potential signing with Triple H’s roster have also surfaced, although there is no such official indication from WWE.

The mystery has prompted the Twitterverse to argue about the former Champion’s next destination. You can check out some of these social media posts below in response to a question about returning to Tony Khan‘s promotion:

@ringsidenews_ If the man is still under contract, then yes he should be brought back

@ringsidenews_ Yes BUT in ROH, Cm Punk is needed to get ROH a bigger push.

@ringsidenews_ If the locker room can handle it, yes. If not probably not.

It remains to be seen what Punk’s next step will be with regard to his pro-wrestling career.

Punk was apparently slated to team up with former WWE RAW tag team Champions in AEW

With the Second City Saint’s run in Tony Khan’s promotion being cut short, fans apparently missed out on watching him team up with FTR.

Tony Khan recently had an interview with Fightfut, where the All Elite President was asked about the whereabouts of Punk. He revealed that before the ‘Brawl Out’ incident derailed plans, the former world champion was scheduled to ally with FTR. This would have effectively created another dominant faction in the Jacksonville-based promotion if the plans had followed through.

Tony Khan also talked about how it was impossible to keep everyone in the roster, conceding the enormity of his responsibilities. Given the situation, only time will tell whether the Second City Saint will make another appearance in AEW, or sign with WWE.

Do you think Punk should be in WWE? Sound off in the comments below!

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