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Hamilton’s WWE Clash at the Castle Review 09.03.22

Fast Outcomes
Montez Ford, Angelo Dawkins & Madcap Moss pinned Chad Gable, Otis & Austin Principle in 6:30 (**¾)
Bayley, IYO SKY & Dakota Kai pinned Bianca Belair, Asuka & Alexa Bliss in 18:44 (***½)
Gunther pinned Sheamus in 19:33 to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship (****½)
Liv Morgan pinned Shayna Baszler in 11:00 to retain the WWE SmackDown Ladies’s Championship (***)
Edge & Rey Mysterio pinned Finn Balor & Damien Priest in 12:34 (***¼)
Seth Rollins pinned Matt Riddle in 17:20 (***½)
Roman Reigns pinned Drew McIntyre in 30:45 to retain the Undisputed WWE Common Championship (***½)

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It’s been greater than thirty years since WWE’s completed a “correct” pay-per-view (or Premium Reside Occasion, to make use of the trendy jargon) within the UK. Whereas the extent of mainstream buzz over right here isn’t anyplace close to the extent of SummerSlam 1992, there’s completely been a market thirsting for a correct “huge time” WWE present. I imply, the UK hasn’t even had a primary roster TV taping since November 2019.

We’re coming from the Principality Stadium – previously the Millennium Stadium – in Cardiff, Wales… and the over-the-ring video boards have been formed to appear like a fortress, which is fairly cool. There’s a LOOOONG entrance ramp with the over-ring boards changing the same old Titantron.

Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton are available for commentary…

Madcap Moss & Avenue Income (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) vs. Austin Principle & Alpha Academy (Otis & Chad Gable)
Madcap Moss might be your trivia query reply then, as the primary particular person to hit the ring for a WWE pay-per-view within the UK since SummerSlam 1992… Austin Principle’s gotten his first title again too, and hopefully a knowledge plan that isn’t going to kill him taking these selfies overseas.

Dawkins and Gable begin us off with shoulder tackles, as we’ve obtained some boomy ring mics. Lucha roll throughs and arm drags led to a stand-off, with a jab from Dawkins taking down Gable as Montez Ford got here in to hit a neat dropkick. Man, this Cardiff crowd are biting for all the pieces on this pre-show match.

After an ankle lock from Gable, Principle tags in and took Ford outdoors… again inside, Principle chokes Ford within the ropes, whereas Otis got here in to splash Ford. Gable’s again to work over Ford with an armbar, stopping to knock Dawkins off the apron earlier than Ford scored a double DDT to Otis and Gable… giving him a gap to tag out Madcap Moss.

Moss clears home, hitting a variety of shoulder tackles as Dawkins took Principle to the nook for a splash. A spin-out butterfly suplex practically wins it, earlier than Principle punched off one in every of Dawkin’s headbands. Gable’s in to hit a Chaos Principle German suplex, however Moss breaks up the duvet, then chucked Otis with a fallaway slam.

Gable heads for Ford, teasing a German suplex off the apron… however Dawkins makes a save as Gable finally ends up taking a Doomsday Blockbuster as Michael Cole’s commentary peaked like mad… earlier than a frog splash off the highest from Ford put away Gable. First rate sufficient to begin with, however this scorching crowd’s going to spice up all the pieces right here. **¾

After one other journey to Stamford to wrap up the pre-show (significantly, why was that not within the bloody venue?), we’re taken again to Cardiff to see Roman Reigns arriving on a luxurious mini-bus… then after the compulsory show-opening video package deal, chock full with tourist-y footage of Wales, and the CGI dragon from reDRagon’s entrance video, we’re again in entrance of round 65,000 followers packing out the stadium.

Alexa Bliss, Asuka & Bianca Belair vs. Bayley, Dakota Kai & IYO SKY
Wait, Alexa nonetheless has the CGI Lilly doll? Are you able to inform I’ve not watched commonly…

Bayley/Kai/SKY had a joint entrance as “Injury Management”, however a variety of it’s eaten up by a SummerSlam recap of their returns. Belair and and Bayley begin as Bayley obtained the outdated “hey Bayley” chant from a number of years again. She didn’t like that.

Each Bayley and Belair throw cheapshots on the apron as we begin with a six-woman stare-off and issues breaking down. Dropkicks from Belair have Bayley down, earlier than Kai and SKY pull Belair out throughout a handspring try. We get a protracted set-up for a three-on-three suplex, however it’s the Injury Management lot who take it earlier than Belair hit a handspring moonsault onto all three of them for two-counts.

Alexa tagged in as Bayley was making an attempt to close the group down… so she tags in SKY. Alexa throws some proper arms, then stood on IYO as the group chanted for Bayley. They get her, as she clubbed away on Bliss, then took her into the nook as Dakota tagged in for some mudhole stomping.

Bayley’s bulldogged by Asuka, however manages to tag out to SKY… not that Asuka cared, as she hit a dropkick to Bayley, solely to get a springboard missile dropkick from IYO moments later. A roll-up practically nicks it for SKY, as Dakota then tagged again in to maintain Asuka cut-off. Bayley will get a loud cheer as she tagged in… so she tagged proper again out as Corey Graves famous that she was refusing to carry out for the sheep. That’s a bit of stereotypical for Wales, no?

Alexa will get the tag in as she cannonballed into Bayley on the skin… however Dakota’s authorized and hits a shotgun dropkick into the boundaries. Again inside, a suplex will get Kai a two-count, as Alexa discovered herself cornered. She ultimately fought again with proper arms to SKY, solely to get thrown into the center buckle. Bliss ultimately fought again with a jawbreaker, however Kai tagged in… which meant Bliss’ Code Pink out of the nook was for nought.

Kai practically wins with a working knee into the nook, as Bliss mounted yet another comeback, scoring with a ‘rana out of the nook. Belair’s buzzing for a tag, however Bayley pulls her off the apron… then SKY hits a dropkick to knock her off earlier than Asuka lastly obtained the tag in. An enormous missile dropkick from Asuka takes out SKY as Asuka was working wild, as a wild run noticed her rating with a pop-up knee, some backfists and kicks and a German suplex as she was taking IYO to city.

Bayley helps restore order for her troops, as SKY’s up kick laid out Asuka… Bayley’s again to carry Asuka for a see-saw Code Pink as Bayley’s sliding lariat practically gained it. Belair’s again on Bayley, charging her into the nook forward of a spinebuster and a standing moonsault for a near-fall. Belair lifts Bayley up high, however Kai’s authorized once more… and this time she’s noticed and thrown outdoors.

Bayley nonetheless goes after Belair, tying her within the nook by the hair, however Asuka and Bliss make a save with a superplex off of Belair’s again. Keep in mind, Kai’s nonetheless authorized, and he obtained caught by a roll-up from Belair, then was taken to the nook. Belair press slammed Kai out of the highest rope, then used her as a Terry Funk ladder to swat away SKY forward of a fallaway slam. From there, a powerbomb planted Kai, earlier than Belair went up high and aborted a dive.

Kai runs in with a Scorpio kick, however misses a working kick within the nook as Belair went for a KOD. SKY tagged in, and with Bayley holding Belair within the nook by the hair, Belair’s triple-teamed with a Rose Plant and a SKY moonsault for the win. This was an excellent opener, if not a bit of draggy within the center – Bayley getting the win clearly units up her vs. Belair. ***½

We’ve obtained a Cody Rhodes vignette right here, hyping up his dream to go for the title. In fact, they go over his harm pre-Hell in a Cell, and that gnarly bruise… earlier than displaying footage of his rehab.

Drew McIntyre’s warming up backstage when he’s stopped for a natter by Tyson Fury… Tyson’s at ringside for this, and will get the same old movie star spot.

Then we get clips from SummerSlam 1992, and I’m questioning who’ll be Drew McIntyre’s flag bearer… and what that’s organising for. A missed music cue, and the introduction for the household of the British Bulldog, and Bret Hart. HUGE POP for Bret.

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Sheamus vs. Gunther (c)
Ridge Holland and Butch have been out with Sheamus in his quest to win the one WWE title he’s not held… whereas we obtained the shock of an Imperium reunion, with Ludwig Kaiser reintroducing Giovanni Vinci alongside Gunther. Sadly, their outdated names didn’t return…

Everybody however Sheamus and Gunther go at it earlier than the bell as they brawled to the again after Butch (nonetheless not obtained his title again) did an Orihara moonsault off the buckles. The bell goes simply after that as Gunther and Sheamus chop the crap out of one another, whereas an enormous boot downed the Irishman.

Sheamus reverses a suplex, earlier than Gunther telegraphed a again physique drop and obtained kicked onto the apron. Gunther drops down off the apron to keep away from some clubbering forearms within the ropes, however Sheamus adopted him and chucked him into the ring steps. Again inside, Gunther’s pressured to dam these clubbering forearms once more, earlier than he chopped Sheamus again into the nook.

Sheamus pulls himself up high for a suplex, however obtained chopped to the ground as Gunther then made use of the ring steps some extra as my feed dropped a bit of. Again inside, Sheamus will get chopped some extra, then booted within the face as I tick the “looks like an old-school WALTER match” field.

Chops and forearms from Gunther trapped Sheamus within the ropes as his chest welted up. Boots to the face knock Sheamus down once more, with a Boston crab following, then a crossface that Sheamus broke freed from. Chops to the again give Gunther a brand new goal, as the group virtually to a person obtained behind Sheamus.

Gunther shuts down a Sheamus comeback with but extra chops, full with a candy slow-mo ripple replay. Sheamus is chucked outdoors as soon as once more, the place he’s slammed onto the ground, then thrown throughout the announce desk. Lastly, Sheamus finds a manner again in with these Ten Beats of the Bodhran forearms, which Gunther broke freed from, solely to seek out his manner onto the apron for some extra of these as we obtained a closer-up of Sheamus’ reddened chest.

Gunther tries to get away, however he sends Sheamus into the group… and obtained extra of these beats over the guard rail, earlier than a knee drop off the highest noticed Sheamus retain the higher hand again within the ring. Gunther escaped a White Noise setup as its again to the chops, seeking to see simply how unhealthy Sheamus’ chest will look on social media later tonight.

Gunther geese a punch and hits a German suplex, however Sheamus shook it off… then a chop… earlier than a rebound knee off the ropes practically put Gunther away. One other chop led to a sleeperhold from Gunther, dropping Sheamus to a knee, earlier than he seemed to spin it right into a powerbomb, however Sheamus countered into White Noise for a near-fall.

Sheamus measures up Gunther for a Brogue kick, however it’s sidestepped and countered with a shotgun dropkick. A swift powerbomb vegetation Sheamus on his arse for a two-count, as Gunther then started to stomp on the arse of Sheamus. Gunther’s stopped on the highest rope as Sheamus threw extra chops, then pulled Gunther down for a Celtic Cross.

A delayed cowl allowed Gunther to kick out at two from that Razor’s Edge, earlier than he went for an additional Brogue kick… however the again offers out, permitting Gunther to dump him on his arse once more with one other powerbomb. A WILD LARIAT FOLLOWS… and identical to that, Gunther’s nonetheless your Intercontinental champion. I assume they’re saving Sheamus for a rematch in Eire, and if it’s something like this, you’ll be able to wager your backside Euro I’m going to look at that. ****½

Gunther’s helped to the again by Vinci and Kaiser, whereas Sheamus obtained a deserved standing ovation in defeat. Subsequent time, fella…

We’ve an enormous video package deal for the Usos right here, as I assume we’re getting profile items for lots of the blokes who aren’t right here? (apparently the non-premium model of Peacock will get adverts in these slots) Then there’s the tourism promo package deal for Cardiff…

UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards is proven within the crowd…

WWE SmackDown Ladies’s Championship: Shayna Baszler vs. Liv Morgan (c)
Good luck following what we simply noticed…

Baszler went for the arm early on, then a Kirifuda clutch as Morgan tried to counter with roll-ups. Liv tries a clutch of her personal, however Baszler slips out earlier than she was taken to the ropes for a dropkick to the again. On the skin, Baszler shoved Morgan into the boundaries as Liv was pressured to struggle from the defensive place.

A clothesline will get Baszler a two-count, as did a German suplex, earlier than Baszler labored over the champion’s wrist. Morgan avoids a punt to the arm, then ducked a kick earlier than she scored with a missile dropkick. Liv kips up and mounted a comeback, touchdown an enziguiri and a springboard Codebreaker for a near-fall.

Morgan tries one other springboard, however she leaps right into a knee strike as Baszler picked up a near-fall, earlier than Morgan shocked Baszler with a triangle armbar. Some punches within the maintain permit her to morph the maintain right into a cross armbar, which Baszler tries to roll out of, earlier than she stomped her manner free.

A gutwrench facebuster and a knee strike waffles Morgan for a near-fall, earlier than Baszler lifted Morgan up high for an additional kimura. Morgan fights free and pulls Shayna’s head into the highest turnbuckle repeatedly, earlier than a springboard sundown bomb virtually gained it. From the kick-out, Baszler locks in a Kirifuda clutch, then a cross armbar as Morgan rolled the pair into the ropes.

Morgan rolls out of one other Kirifuda clutch for a near-fall, then a Codebreaker, earlier than a rebound Flatliner off the ropes proved to be sufficient to get the win. This took some time for the group to heat to, however Baszler got here actual shut, solely to fall to a late flurry. ***

The Peacock adverts get masked with adverts for WWE Store and Excessive Guidelines…

Unique Adrian Avenue and Miss Linda are proven within the crowd.

Edge & Rey Mysterio vs. Judgment Day (Damian Priest & Finn Balor)
The previous SmackDown tag champions are reuniting for this as there’s questions over Dominik. Will he ever flip? In the meantime, Edge has a dragon masks to mix his love of Wales together with his love of tagging with Rey… and his love of not tripping over the ramp manner as he sprints.

There’s a killer singalong to Edge’s music, however weirdly not Judgment Day’s personal Alter Bridge theme… in any case, Balor and Rey begin us off, as Rey’s taken into the nook and met with physique blows and chops, earlier than Rey returned with a ‘rana as Priest tagged into the match. Priest needs Edge, and will get him… Priest dominated Edge early, however Rey Mysterio stopped a throw into the nook.

Balor tries the identical trick to save lots of Priest, however Edge noticed it and chucked him into one other nook… then to the skin earlier than he assisted Rey in a dive to the skin. Again inside, Priest caught a Quebrada from Rey and turned it right into a Falcon arrow, then rolled on high for some floor and pound.

Rey’s cornered as Balor tagged in for a stomp, earlier than a Balor backbreaker and a legdrop from Priest practically put Rey away. Rey tries to rebound, however will get kicked within the ropes as my feed started to buffer. When it resumes, Rey’s again within the nook because the Judgment Day double-teamed him some extra, resulting in a grounded chinlock from Balor as he continued to sluggish the tempo down.

Priest’s in to throw Rey outdoors to close down a comeback… however Rey lifts Balor as he charged on the skin, sending Finn into the group… however a follow-up’s stopped by Priest, who teased a powerbomb off the railings. As a substitute, Rey slipped out and crotched Priest, who made the Zoidberg “whoop whoop whoop” noises, earlier than he obtained pushed away as Rey made the tag out to Edge.

Edge runs wild, dropping Balor with an Edgeocution DDT, earlier than he knocked Priest off the apron. A Meteora off the apron from Rey stopped Priest, as Edge then hit a 619 to Balor… Rey heads up for an enormous splash, bouncing off of Balor as Priest needed to kick aside the pin as he climbed by the ropes.

Rey’s caught in a chokeslam from Priest, however Edge spears Priest off the apron in a throwback to the WrestleMania flaming desk spear again within the day. Sadly, Rey can’t observe up as Balor chucked him outdoors, earlier than Finn nailed a Slingblade on Edge, who I assume is authorized. A shotgun dropkick takes Edge into the nook, earlier than Dominik distracted the referee as Balor went for a Coup de Grace.

Balor’s introduced down with a high rope ‘rana as Rhea Ripley went after Dominik on the skin… whereas Rey’s head-first tope broke that every one up. Bonkers. Balor shuts down Rey although, however Rey shrugs it off as a 619 and a spear ended up getting the win for the previous tag champions in an honest match, however one which clearly was only a chapter within the ongoing story. ***¼

After the match… we lastly get the flip! Dominik punted Edge within the balls, and he’s going to be shot for that given how Cardiff handled Edge like a God earlier. Rey happy with Dominik to see sense, however Dominik clotheslined his dad as Judgment Day applauded him. Cue the shocked faces, as Dom walked to the again on his personal.

Promo package deal time for the primary occasion – and apparently Drew McIntyre’s getting booed stay… however we’ve obtained one match left earlier than we head to that…

They announce the stay crowd in Cardiff as 62,296… if that’s not the actual quantity, then it feels fairly shut.

Matt Riddle vs. Seth Rollins
Uhh, I don’t assume I need to know why Riddle’s getting CGI goldfish on his entrance… whereas Wales had one other singalong, this time vocalising Rollins’ music.

Riddle goes after Rollins on the bell, taking him into the corners as we obtained a have a look at Rollins’ 70s flares. Rollins powders outdoors and tries to go after Riddle on the ground, however the pair head again inside as Riddle scored with rolling gutwrench suplexes. Kicks and a again senton get Riddle a two-count as the group continued to sing Rollins’ theme, whereas a crowd shot meant that we practically missed Rollins hanging up Riddle within the ropes.

Riddle comes again as he rolled Rollins right into a triangle armbar, however Rollins’ try to interrupt it noticed him splat on the skin… earlier than he powerbombed Riddle into the boundaries – one thing that wanted a replay because the stay digicam zoomed in a bit of an excessive amount of on the impression. Rolling adopted up with a tope to ship Riddle into the announce desk, earlier than they returned to the ring, with Rollins controlling issues.

Kicks and chops from Riddle pressure a gap, however Rollins geese a kick and nailed a roll-up… then a thrust kick for a two-count. A Falcon Arrow does the deal for a near-fall from there, earlier than issues headed up high for an inverted superplex from Rollins… however Riddle pushed out and fought freed from the transfer. Rollins heads onto the apron for a gamengiri that put Riddle right into a Tree of Woe, following up with a Del Rio-ish double stomp that just about gained it.

A superplex from Rollins is subsequent, however Riddle rolled by and added a Fisherman buster to cease the onslaught. Riddle takes Rollins to the nook for forearms, then caught Rollins in an Exploder out of the nook earlier than an apron PK left Rollins on the skin… forward of a springboard corkscrew splash.

Again inside once more, Rollins surprises Riddle with a Pedigree, however it’s countered right into a Go 2 Sleep, earlier than a powerbomb and a knee strike virtually put Seth away. Riddle goes up high for a corkscrew senton, however Rollins obtained the knees up, solely to get caught in a triangle armbar as his makes an attempt to follow-up have been thwarted…

Rollins ultimately kicks the maintain away, earlier than the Bro Derek (I knew it because the Neutraliser… exhibits how lengthy it’s been since I’ve watched) virtually noticed Seth win with Riddle’s personal finisher. Rollins appears to be like so as to add a Phoenix Splash, however Riddle rolls away as an alternate of head pictures led to Rollins hitting… a Chelsea Grin? Riddle knees away a stomp, however eats the enziguiri… then shrugged it off as a powerbomb’s became a Rollins Pedigree for a near-fall.

We get the monologues again as Rollins mocked Riddle, who slapped Rollins foolish earlier than he was turfed outdoors. A kick as Riddle got here again between the ropes stopped all that although, earlier than a Randy Orton-ish draping DDT stuffed Riddle… resulting in Rollins going all Orton, just for a RKO to get caught and became a rear bare choke, with hammer elbows to the again of the pinnacle and kicks to pressure Rollins to the skin.

Riddle offers chase as he threw Rollins towards the announce desk, earlier than Rollins prevented a chair shot. Heading again inside, Rollins caught Riddle with a curb stomp, earlier than a curb stomp off the center rope obtained the win. I loved the sprint-like tempo to the match, however contemplating they’d “made it private” with that split-screen interview, a variety of this felt like some other outing. ***½

“Earlier in the present day,” Tyson Fury’s having a chat with Roman Reigns… and Fury’s again within the crowd once more. Whereas Karrion Kross and Scarlett get the identical form of therapy. Max & Paddy: The Wrestler. Kudos to you if you happen to get the reference…

Undisputed WWE Common Championship: Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns (c)
Drew obtained Damaged Goals again, albeit as a “Simply Earlier than Huge Match Principal Occasion” entrance video, with pictures of him making entrances by the years…

Drew’s getting an excellent response, which went counter to the stay stories of his pre-tapes getting booed on-screen, whereas they made an enormous deal of Roman Reigns having crossed the two-year mark as (WWE) champion. The bell goes and this crowd is pro-Drew, as we open with a lock-up that ultimately ended with Reigns backed into the nook for a break.

A second lock-up sees Reigns seize a facet headlock, however it’s pushed off as McIntyre resisted a shoulder deal with, sending Reigns backing into the ropes out of confusion. Returning, Reigns elbows out of a waistlock, however obtained shoved down with a shoulder block as Reigns headed outdoors once more to compose himself as soon as extra.

Reigns tries to sluggish the tempo down, taking McIntyre to the nook for some mounted punches, however Drew slips out and returned the favour earlier than a clothesline flipped Reigns excessive rope to the skin. Drew follows, whipping Reigns into the ring steps earlier than a bottle of water was thrown at Drew from the group. Drew strolling in the direction of the thrower was a tip-off – it was Karrion Kross, who was threatened with Drew “shoving his hour glass up his arse.”

Reigns blindsided McIntyre with an uppercut, however Drew beats the count-out, just for some working kicks from Reigns to maintain him down because the champion ultimately obtained solely a one-count. Clotheslines pin McIntyre into the nook, earlier than Drew obtained despatched outdoors once more – once more forcing Drew to try to beat the count-out.

McIntyre hangs up Reigns within the ropes, however couldn’t keep away from a leaping clothesline again in as McIntyre was pressured to kick out at one. An enormous boot will get one other one-count as Reigns was beginning to get pissed off with the one-counts…

Proper arms from Reigns take McIntyre down, earlier than the pair jockey for place over a suplex… just for Reigns to interrupt it with a physique blow and a few stomps. We then get Roman with the mic, asking Cardiff to acknowledge him, prompting McIntyre to offer him a “Glasgow kiss” (headbutt). Yay/boo punches get away from there, earlier than McIntyre charged out of the nook with clotheslines, whereas a belly-to-belly chucked Reigns throughout the ring.

A neckbreaker’s subsequent, as McIntyre kipped up then took issues to the nook for a superplex… however Reigns broke the maintain, as McIntyre grabbed Reigns by the hair, solely to get knocked right into a Tree of Woe… which he sat up from as he took Reigns down with a spider belly-to-belly suplex. Reigns rolls outdoors to keep away from a Claymore kick… then prevented a Futureshock DDT again inside, just for McIntyre to hit a spinebuster for a near-fall.

McIntyre picks up Reigns, however an eye fixed rake breaks issues up earlier than Drew was caught with a Rock Backside for a near-fall. Reigns tees up for a Superman punch as we sail previous the 20-minute mark, however Drew sidestepped and countered with the Futureshock DDT. Reigns hits the Superman punch seconds later as Drew telegraphed the Claymore, and virtually gained it proper there.

Reigns units up for a spear, however McIntyre kicks it away, solely to eat the spear seconds later as Drew virtually obtained put away. The gang’s sensing a title change… however Reigns seemed to close that down with a guillotine choke. McIntyre charged to the nook to interrupt it up, just for Reigns to reapply the maintain as he mounted Drew… however this time McIntyre breaks free and posts Reigns to the skin.

McIntyre heads outdoors to retrieve Reigns, however opts to spear him by the railings earlier than we head again inside… the place a Claymore’s stopped with a spear as Reigns virtually retained. Everybody’s biting on all the pieces, together with Reigns, who was arguing the ref’s depend, which led to a ref bump as a Claymore kick knocked Reigns into the referee… with Charles Robinson spilling outdoors.

Oh bloody hell. That’s the cue for Austin Principle to expire with a referee, threatening a cash-in… however Tyson Fury will get up from his seat and punches out Principle for the babyface pop of the night time. Within the ring, Reigns misses a chairshot as McIntyre virtually gained with a Claymore… and we’re again to yay/boo punches from there.

It breaks down right into a hockey struggle, resulting in a Superman punch from Reigns, a headbutt from McIntyre, then a spear from McIntyre… earlier than a masked man got here out of the group to drag out the referee as Drew was about to win. They unmask as Solo Sikoa – who hung up Drew within the ropes, permitting Reigns to hit a spear as Charles Robinson got here in to depend the three-count. Oh expensive Cardiff, are you going to riot? This was an excellent “smoke and mirrors” WWE primary occasion, however the jarring switches in tempo have been simply that… and people of us anticipating a Cinderella story in the primary occasion have been left sorely disenchanted. ***½

Publish-match, Tyson Fury hits the ring for a staredown with Reigns… however as an alternative they shake arms, because the present closes with Reigns heading to the again with the latest member of his Bloodlike in Solo Sikoa shadowing him. After Roman’s gone, Fury pulls up McIntyre and paraded him to the group, then took the mic to try to give Drew a pep speak… after which sing American Pie to him? One thing tells me that’ll get edited out of the replays, as McIntyre thanked the stay crowd earlier than Karaoke with Drew and Tyson rumbled on with Look Again In Anger….

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