Former writer says legend should wrestle first WWE match in 20 years against a returning CM Punk (Exclusive)

WWE veteran Vince Russo thinks a program between a returning CM Punk and X-Pac between Royal Rumble 2023 and WrestleMania 39 could be a big success.

It’s no secret that The Second City Saint’s association with AEW is on its final legs. Though it has been months since Punk was involved in a backstage fight with The Elite, it was only a matter of time before he parted ways with the company. As such, many fans have also been speculating about seeing CM Punk make a grand return to WWE, possibly at this year’s Royal Rumble 2023.

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Writing with Russo, Vince Russo, too, made an intriguing pitch about a possible Punk comeback. The former WWE writer stated that CM Punk should feud with X-Pac, starting from Royal Rumble 2023, with the feud culminating at WrestleMania 39.

Vince Russo believes that since both performers have starkly different characters, their feud could succeed if the promotion grants them creative freedom.

“Bro, I’ll tell you what would be cool, and we have talked about it here, too. Think about this, bro, especially at the Royal Rumble, and then you go WrestleMania with it. Whose the Straight Edge? Bro, you put Punk and Sean Waltman in a program from Royal Rumble to WrestleMania, and you let them come up with the creative, I’m telling you, I think that would be (…) And you really turn Punk heel that way,” said Russo. (8:18 – 8:48)

Check out the full video below:

Vince Russo on why Chad Gable would have been a perfect opponent for X-Pac in WWE

Russo also mentioned how a talent like Chad Gable could have been the perfect foil for a returning X-Pac in WWE. However, Vince Russo added that since Gable has been booked like a “joke” in WWE, the feud between them wouldn’t work.

“That’s the shame of it, bro because they just haven’t built anybody up to get them over, Like if they did it the right way, the one guy that would be the total opposite of X-Pac and despise X-Pac in everything he stands up for, would be Gable. But he means nothing now. He’s a joke. This guy is a legit wrestler; that is perfect! But they’ve made a comedy act out of him. So, that wouldn’t work,” said Russo. (7:05 – 7:45)

Whether or not X-Pac or CM Punk‘s returns materialize at Royal Rumble 2023, fans can still expect plenty of surprises at the January 28th show.

What do you make of Vince Russo‘s pitch about a potential CM Punk vs. X-Pac clash at WrestleMania 39? Sound off in the comments section below.

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