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Drew McIntyre on potential return of ‘Broken Dreams’ theme

Drew McIntyre hasn’t exactly shut down the idea of a potential return of his ‘Broken Dreams’ theme song.

During his initial run with WWE, McIntyre used the theme song ‘Broken Dreams’ as his entrance. The song was widely liked by the WWE Universe. Although his current theme song ‘Gallantry’ is quite popular, fans have been asking WWE to bring back his old theme song.

The former WWE Champion has even teased bringing back his old theme by tweeting about some of its lyrics in recent times.

On a recent episode of WWE’s The Bump, The Scottish Warrior was asked about these teases. To this, he replied that he’s been messing with fans regarding the entrance theme for years now.

He further stated that he loves his current theme song but wouldn’t mind bringing back ‘Broken Dreams’ for the right occasion.

“I have been messing with people for years regarding the old music and it’s amazing that people still talking about it as often as they talk about it. I see it multiple times a day. ‘Bring it back, bring it back.’ I love my current theme, it suits who I am today. It’s very much the Warrior music and when I’m out in the ring, I’m very much an animal in that ring. But at the right time, the right occasion, the right match, the right event, I think it’d be appropriate to bring it back, and that’s all I’ll say right now.” [H/T Wrestlezone]


Drew McIntyre had a face-off against Roman Reigns

McIntyre had a face-to-face with his Roman Reigns last Friday on SmackDown. The situation quickly escalated into a brawl when McIntyre reprimanded the Universal Champion for not properly portraying the company.

This resulted in Sami Zayn showing up to rescue Roman Reigns from the attack, thereby consuming a Claymore Kick in the process.

Reigns then hit McIntyre with a Superman Punch, but the Scottish Psychopath quickly recovered and delivered another Claymore Kick to his Clash at the Castle opponent. The show closed with McIntyre standing tall in the middle of the ring.

Drew McIntyre is set to take on Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WWE Clash at the Castle,

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