Cody Rhodes Appears on WWE Raw, Discusses Plans for 2023


If you forgot about Cody Rhodes during his more-than-six-month absence from WWE, you could be forgiven. Rhodes leaving AEW and returning to WWE as a bonafide main event star was amongst at least a half dozen completely mind-blowing wrestling stories in 2022, including Vince McMahon being forced to retire from WWE, Sasha Banks and Naomi walking out of the company with the tag team belts, Stone Cold Steve Austin returning to the ring for another match, CM Punk’s media scrum rant and subsequent backstage brawl and suspension, Tony Khan buying Ring of Honor, Ric Flair returning from cancelation and headlining a PPV with his supposed last match, and… well, we’re probably forgetting a few. It’s been that kind of a year.

Cody Rhodes appears on the WWE Raw Best of 2022 show.

In any case, Cody Rhodes appeared on last night’s episode of WWE Raw, which was a Best of 2022 show, and discussed his plans for the new year after reflecting on his Hell in a Cell match with Seth Rollins that he wrestled with a completely torn pec.

“I would like to pick up right where I left off,” Rhodes said on the year-end show. “And a lot of things have happened in my life, not just the injury, not just what I did while I was away and my exit, but the birth of my daughter and I can’t help but think about the little kid who showed up at 4400 Shepherds Hill Road, Louisville, Kentucky, and wanted to be a pro wrestler and told everyone how big his plans were and didn’t have any idea the price that needed to be paid for. What I was asking. And I can say this with confidence and not arrogance. I have paid the price.”

“It’s not a sport where your tenure earns you anything,” Rhodes continued. “It’s what you’ve done for me lately. And even though I wasn’t present for a good chunk of the year, what I was able to do, I think, really did register with a lot of the WWE universe and I want to pick up right back where I left off, right back in that little kid shoes who had the biggest dreams because in this time that we’re in, I have an opportunity at making that happen.”

“And I’m being incredibly vague here,” Rhodes finished. “I get it. But I think anyone who is a fan of what we do can read between the lines. There is one thing that I came back for specifically, one thing, and again, a torn pec couldn’t stop me. I couldn’t name anything that can stop me. It has to be done. It needs to be done. And I want to get it done.”

What Rhodes is talking about, of course, is winning the WWE Championship, the belt his father never held. Will he accomplish that goal in 2022? The first step, one would think, would be winning the Royal Rumble. Watch the video of Cody Rhodes on WWE Raw below:

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