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8-Time Champion is Roman Reigns’ back-up opponent for WrestleMania 39, Popular wrestling promotion behind Stephanie McMahon’s WWE departure?

Welcome to this week’s edition of WWE/Wrestling rumors we hope are true, and those we hope aren’t. It’s been a big week in the wrestling world, with the build-up to Money in the Bank set to kick off.

Despite it only being two months removed from WrestleMania, we’re already entering the summer, which usually marks one of the most exciting periods of the WWE calendar year.

This week’s edition includes backup plans for Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39, WWE officials being impressed with a newly-crowned champion, possible plans for John Cena at SummerSlam, Stephanie McMahon’s sudden departure from WWE, and major changes in storylines going forward. Let’s get right into it:

#4. WWE’s backup plan for Roman Reigns if The Rock doesn’t show up

Roman Reigns is closing in on two years as Universal Champion
Roman Reigns is closing in on two years as Universal Champion

As of this writing, it’s still believed that Roman Reigns vs. The Rock will headline WrestleMania 39 Night 2. Whether it involves the Undisputed Universal Championship or not and whether The Rock is available is hard to say.

However, it’s the biggest money match that WWE can have with Reigns, and it will mark his seventh outing in the main event of WrestleMania. He is expected to reach lucky #7 either way, but things could still change, and Cody Rhodes is reportedly in the running.

On the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer estimated that Cody Rhodes will be out of action for six months and reported that he is the backup opponent of Roman Reigns next year in case The Rock can’t make it:

”Will likely be out about six months, which makes the Royal Rumble probably the smart time frame for a return,” wrote Meltzer. “If Dwayne Johnson doesn’t wrestle Roman Reigns, it’d make the returning Rhodes vs. Reigns as the most likely biggest of next year’s Mania.”

We hope this is true because Reigns vs. Rhodes would be the best backup option possible. Even if it doesn’t happen, Rhodes should be involved in the world title match at WrestleMania 39.

#3. Hope isn’t true: Stephanie McMahon’s WWE departure due to MLW lawsuit?

Stephanie McMahon announced that she would be stepping away from her role
Stephanie McMahon announced that she would be stepping away from her role

Stephanie McMahon’s sudden hiatus from her WWE role has led to a lot of speculation. While one report stated that her father was responsible for her losing her position, that was quickly shut down by another report.

While there are still a lot of questions regarding her abrupt departure, a new report has revealed that MLW’s lawsuit against WWE could have something to do with it.

On WON, Dave Meltzer reported that things had been brewing for a couple of months before Stephanie McMahon approached her father, who was shocked by her decision.

Sportskeeda’s Hazel Pagador wrote:

“The story didn’t end there, as it was then revealed that WWE’s ongoing antitrust lawsuit against MLW may also have an influence. The lawsuit filed back in January 2022 states that allegedly, WWE persuaded FOX to nix a streaming deal with Tubi TV.”

We hope this isn’t true, as it would be an unfortunate reason for her to step down. With that said, she deserves to spend time with her family.

#3. Hope is true: Edge’s status after being kicked out of The Judgment Day

The new Judgment Day has taken over
The new Judgment Day has taken over

Edge was kicked out of The Judgment Day by Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley, and the newest member Finn Balor on the latest episode of RAW. It was a huge shock that reportedly had some issues behind the scenes as some higher-ups wanted the faction to take a supernatural direction – something Edge wasn’t willing to do.

Either way, Cody Rhodes’s injury left a spot vacant for RAW’s top babyface – one that Edge could temporarily fill. According to PWInsider, WWE has internally listed Edge as a babyface following The Judgment Day exiling him.

Sportskeeda’s Vatsal Rathod wrote:

“According to the latest report by Mike Johnson of PWInsider, The Rated-R Superstar has officially been moved to the babyface side of the roster following the betrayal on RAW.”

We hope this is true because even if it’s temporary, he will fill the slot well.

#2. Hope isn’t true: Uncertainty over Randy Orton’s plans for SummerSlam 2022

The Viper was written off WWE TV for now
The Viper was written off WWE TV for now

Randy Orton was written off WWE TV after the Tag Team titles were unified by The Usos on SmackDown. Since then, Riddle has done the heavy lifting and become one of WWE’s key babyfaces. He is set to challenge Roman Reigns this coming Friday on SmackDown for the Undisputed Universal Championship.

It goes without saying that Randy Orton’s return is being planned, and it was originally reported that he is penciled in as Roman Reigns’ SummerSlam opponent.

According to Dave Meltzer on WON, there is still uncertainty over the planned Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton feud:

”We do know that the decision was made this week not to have Roman Reigns on the show [MITB]. Reigns vs. Riddle was the original main event. On television, Riddle challenged Reigns and the last word was this match would take place but not in Las Vegas nor on PPV. Randy Orton was still the SummerSlam plan, but everything changes weekly,” wrote Meltzer.

We hope this isn’t true because, as of this writing, there is no better opponent for Roman Reigns at SummerSlam 2022. Clash at the Castle looks to be the event where Drew McIntyre could potentially dethrone The Tribal Chief.

#2. Hope is true: Gunther has impressed WWE higher-ups

Gunther, after winning the Intercontinental Championship
Gunther, after winning the Intercontinental Championship

On Friday, Gunther became the Intercontinental Champion following nearly two dominant months on SmackDown. He has made his impact quickly, and there seems to be a lot of praise for how he has conducted himself.

A report from Fightful revealed that the former NXT: UK Champion has impressed WWE officials in a big way:

“According to a recent report from Fightful, his dedication to his diet and training has impressed many influential people in the company. The report states that his breakup from Imperium and name change have worked in his favour and that he has impressed people along the way.”

We hope this is true because Gunther has been nothing but professional in his conduct. He has done everything right, and hopefully, it results in a good run on the main roster.

#1. Hope isn’t true: WWE not going through with Bobby Lashley-Roman Reigns program?

Don’t matter the odds, you can’t stop the All Mighty! Chicago, y’all were on 🔥!! What’s next? 👀 Think I made that pretty clear tonight. #HIAC @WWE

Bobby Lashley defeated MVP and Omos in an incredible match at Hell in a Cell before calling his shot and making it clear that he wanted to pursue the Undisputed Universal Championship. However, it was odd when he was confronted by United States Champion Theory on the night after.

It was reported on WON (via Cageside Seats) that Bobby Lashley isn’t penciled in to face Roman Reigns despite teasing it at Hell in a Cell:

“This week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that even though Bobby Lashley “was ordered to grab a replica belt from a planted fan at ringside” after his victory at Hell in a Cell, there is no plan for a title match between Lashley and Roman Reigns. Lashley will instead be feuding with United States Champion Theory.”

We hope this isn’t true because it seems pointless to tease the match and then not follow up on it at all.

#1. Possible plans for John Cena at SummerSlam

Everyone understands that you have far more talent, strength, and gifts than I ever had. Don’t apologize for that. Ever. An apology should come 20 years from now if you fail to provide the EFFORT needed to turn your potential into your legacy. I hope that day never comes. 🥃…

Speaking of United States Champion Theory, there has been a certain legend who has taken his name a few times now – John Cena. Widely regarded as the greatest United States Champion in WWE history, Cena has been full of praise for the youngest US Champion in WWE history Theory.

It seems like the wheels are in motion for their feud, and a new report has suggested that there are plans for the two to have a match. According to Dave Meltzer on WON, there are currently talks of having John Cena vs. Theory at SummerSlam 2022:

“[John] Cena returns on the 6/27 Raw show in Laredo, TX. While this has not been confirmed to us by the company, the talk in wrestling is that it will be Cena vs. Theory at SummerSlam with the idea that working with Cena will bring Theory up to a higher level.”

We hope this is true because it’s an excellent match for John Cena and a great way to elevate the young Theory.

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