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4 WWE Championships that won’t be defended at Clash at the Castle

WWE Clash at the Castle will air on September 3, and we are beyond excited for it. What started out as a run-of-the-mill premium live event quickly became one of the most anticipated shows on the calendar. Credit to the company for building the card well and placing importance on every match.

However, what WWE didn’t place much importance on are some championships and champions. While some titleholders are set to defend their titles in Cardiff, others have been overlooked. They are either taking part in non-title matches or are yet to be booked for the show.

On that note, we look at four WWE Championships that won’t be defended at Clash at the Castle. And no, the 24/7 Championship doesn’t make this list. Even Triple H stopped featuring it on the weekly shows.

#4. On our list of WWE Championships that won’t be defended at Clash at the Castle: Women’s Tag Team Championship

We don’t think Rodriguez and Aliyah will have a title match anytime soon

This may be a bit of a premature entry, but logically speaking, there’s no way WWE can book a Women’s Tag Team title match this close to Clash at the Castle. Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah won it this Monday on RAW, making it too soon for a title defense.

Should the company book the new champions to the card, it will be an incredibly rushed match that fans will not care about. As such, it’s probably better off giving Rodriguez and Aliyah a little vacation.

#3. RAW Women’s Championship

Belair is set to fight in Wales, but not in a championship match

Bianca Belair finds herself competing in a six-woman tag team match alongside Alexa Bliss and Asuka at Clash at the Castle. However, she will not be defending her RAW Women’s Championship at the show, which is a real shame.

Belair vs. Bayley for the former’s title looked to have been a possibility for the show until the other four women got involved. Given how Liv Morgan is defending her SmackDown Women’s Championship in Wales, it is a little strange that its red counterpart is sitting the event out.

#2. Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship

It’s all but certain that The Usos‘ role at Clash at the Castle will be helping Roman Reigns retain his titles against Drew McIntyre. Unfortunately, that means they won’t be defending their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships at the show.

Following their epic rivalry with The Street Profits, we are yet to see Jimmy and Jey Uso have any meaningful title matches. We would have loved to see them put their titles on the line against a top team and have a banger of a match.

#1. United States Championship

The most surprising thing about Clash at the Castle is that Bobby Lashley may not feature on the show. He has been on an absolute tear as United States Champion, but somehow doesn’t have a match heading into Cardiff.

Lashley wrestled a couple of title matches on RAW, which makes his exclusion all the more bizarre.

The company could have had any one of the aforementioned contests take place at the premium live event instead of RAW. When you factor in Gunther having a hotly-anticipated Intercontinental Championship match against Sheamus on September 3, The All Mighty’s absence makes little sense.

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