10 WWE Nightmares That Could Come True In 2023

As nerdy LA rockers Weezer once crooned: “Say It Ain’t So!”.

You might be saying that a fair bit yourself as you work through this collection of nightmares for the year ahead. Will WWE choose the right man to dethrone Roman Reigns? Could Royal Rumble become the latest victim of Triple H’s bid to change things up? Is this the last fans have seen of a longstanding company favourite?

2023 should start with a bang thanks to the usual Royal Rumble-WrestleMania sprint, but there’s no room for such positivity here. No, this is all about the absolute worst that could be waiting just around the corner in the new year. Also, yes…none other than Vince McMahon is involved in that.

WWE could bow to his whims once more, and Trips might find that one of his boldest pay-per-view decisions comes back to haunt him big time. Did ‘The Game’ just accidentally create a problem he’s gone out of his way to solve elsewhere? It kinda looks like it, to be honest.

Here are the spine-chilling nightmares keeping WWE fans awake at night heading into 2023.

Every. F’n. Year.

It’s true – this happens every single year. Even the staunchest supporters of the classic Royal Rumble format worry that WWE’s chosen winners will be far too predictable and thus suck life out of fan excitement heading into ‘Mania. Will that be the case yet again in 2023? Yep.

In fairness, such worries only float because the company has picked some downright boring Rumble winners over the years. In January, dull choices on the men’s side would include Braun Strowman, Brock Lesnar or even Bobby Lashley. For the women, Charlotte Flair would perhaps rank as the worst possible outcome.

The Rumble sets the tone for the rest of the year, basically. Nobody wants to be sitting around on 28 January p*ssing and moaning about uninspired choices for both 30-person bouts. It’s vital that Triple H chooses the right sort of workers to win each Rumble and get folks hyped for what’s coming next.

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