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10 Nightmares That Could Come True

Clash At The Castle is a big night for Triple H’s creative vision.

Sure, SummerSlam was the first pay-per-view without Vince McMahon there to guide the ship, but Clash arguably has more pressure. After all, McMahon retired just eight short days before the July spectacular – that arguably took the pressure off Trips’ broad shoulders, because fans would be forgiving if change wasn’t immediate following such a quick turnaround.

This UK stadium show though? Yeah, Vince has been gone for over a full month now, and people have spotted little glimmers of hope springing up all over the product on Raw and SmackDown. If Clash doesn’t deliver, then those same folks will leap onto Twitter with scathing criticisms.

What if this leads to panic internally? What if WWE scrambles to try and make the pay-per-view newsworthy by booking unwanted matches, turns and title changes for the sake of it? No, this article isn’t very positive, but it makes no apologies for that.

This is the kind of sh*te booking that’ll keep you up at night. Feel that chill in the air? It’s Goldberg! OK, not really…

Sami Zayn will be booted out of The Bloodline and reunite with Kevin Owens against The Usos at some point. Clash At The Castle is just far too early to be thinking about that booking strategy, and yet WWE’s scriptwriters might fancy hitting the gas pedal towards a babyface turn for Sami.

They shouldn’t.

There’s one more episode of TV to go before Cardiff though. Yes, this Friday’s edition of SmackDown was pre-taped last Friday, but what’s to stop the company from filming a last-minute promo that announces Zayn/KO vs. The Usos for the Undisputed Tag belts on Saturday’s stadium show?

Eek! That’d be a mistake. There’s no need to rush into anything – WWE should really let Sami’s uneasy alliance with The Bloodline simmer for a little while longer before turning him baby, having Owens ride to his rescue and then giving the duo a reign as tag champs.

Patience is everything when telling a great story.

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